Last night we got the "Lowdown On Ridertown" with the Cedar Rapids Roughriders! It was my first hosting gig in our series of Wednesday nights at the Union Station. This team is on a tear, winning 9 of 11 heading into this weekend's Star Wars Night at the Stable vs. Muskegon.

Coach Carlson always brings a player and this time it was 2nd year Rider #8 Dylan Steman. We talked with "Steemer" about his experiences on the team, and Carlson gave us his perspective on the stretch drive to the Clark Cup playoffs.

Outside of the X's and O's, there was plenty of hockey culture chatter including road trips, pre-game rituals and Friday's epic day of Olympic and Ice Arena action! Jaymz Larson stopped by to talk about his game-day host memories too. Check out the podcast right here...

See you next Wednesday night at 6 live from Union Station for another Lowdown On  Ridertown!