Ma Nature is a freaky filly. A 45F rain-soaked Wednesday afternoon on the run-up to Memorial Day Weekend is chilling the eastern half of Iowa. I literally heard all three morning TV news teams in this market advise citizens to stay indoors today and get some housework done if at all possible. LIVE! LOCAL! LATE BREAKING!

Beyond the broom, here's more suggestions...from your local one-man radio team.

  • 1

    Disc Golf

    In any weather, the worst day discin' is always better than the best day working. In Cedar Rapids, there's Jones [if you're like the Dixie Chicks and enjoy Wide Open Spaces from which to fling your plastic], Shaver [if you like the opposite] and Legion [if you like to play in one of the Cedar Rapids suburbs].

  • 2

    Wash Your Bicycle

    Look at that derailleur. It's disgusting. There's dirt on there from 2002. Clean your bike, Ike.

  • 3

    Call Your Aunt Edna

    She was so nice to you when you were a little kid...and she still sends you cookies in the mail with a card that says "May God bless you and hold you."  She's an old-school gem and you need to thank her for being so.

  • 4

    Land Your Drone On Mt. Trashmore

    Take some pictures of our cityscape. Don't forget to shoot south and get a picture of Jones right after you disc it.

  • 5

    Spin some black circles

    Hit the basement and pull out some vinyl. Start with Dream Theatre, work your way into The Clash, saunter over to Incubus, dip into Jethro Tull and finish with Pearl Jam.