KRNA's Digital Managing Editor, Bridget lined up KRNA DJ's against a cream-colored wall recently.  My first thought... did our ratings tank?  Are they bringing in a firing squad?  Turns out, it was simply time to update our profile pictures for the KRNA website.

Quick thoughts...

  • Shark exudes goofiness.
  • Shark is KRNA’s Rivers Cuomo.
  • Jaymz has terrific hair.
  • I do not have terrific hair, thus the Pink Floyd hat
  • Jaymz is a versatile talent with a versatile wardrobe.  He can go with the button-up, collared shirt for business.  He can throw a vest over it.  Or, it’s conceivable that he could take off the button-up shirt and just rock the vest with what I can only assume is a lot of chest hair flying freely.
  • Coop is KRNA’s ladies’ man.  He knows it.  Look at the slight head tilt.
  • The salt-and-pepper beard makes me look like a tired, haggard bastard

Lastly, it's Valerie Hiatt's turn to get up against that cream-colored wall.


KRNA's Afternoon Sensation, Shark
Mid-day Moron... wearing a non-format friendly Pink Floyd hat
KRNA's Night Guy, Coop
KRNA's Talented Jaymz Larson