The Producer Joe visit was great. His stunt on the Free Beer & Hot Wings show Friday morning will go down as one of his best ever.

The Periodic Table of Elements never tasted so sweet.

After a quick trip to New Pi so Joe could continue in his newfound tradition of nearly vegan existence, we headed north to the Rock N' Roll Skybox to prep for our Cocktails & Co. broadcast. The pool was off-line at the Y next door, but he did manage to get a few laps on the treadmill. He needed that extra energy for what turned out to be an epic night at Cocktails with his groupies. Thank you Steeler fan Marvin for beating Joe in the Mustard Challenge. Took him down a notch from his stunt contact high.

Joe and Playboy Playmate Shawn Dillion hit if off at the Big Boy Toy Show the next day. His Q&A with her was investigative journalism at it's finest. She liked his nametag.

Although trip #2 will be hard to top, we hope it happens soon, Joe. Maybe next SUNDAYSUNDAYSUNDAY!!!!!!!!!