Pearl Jam's show at Toronto's Air Canada Centre on May 10th was just another ho hum 3-hour, 33-song set. And for the third time on this tour, they performed one of their albums in its entirety. On this night, it was the 2000 album, Binaural.

The band came out of the gates swinging with "Go" (from Vs.), "Do the Evolution" (from Yield) and "Mind Your Manners" (from Lightning Bolt). Then they launched into Binaural's 13 tracks. Previously, PJ played Ten in Philadelphia on April 29th and Vs. in Greenville, South Carolina on April 16th. In 2014, they performed all of No Code in Moline, Illinois and Yield in Milwaukee.

Binaural is adored by many hardcore Pearl Jam fans, but did not have any huge hits. It was the sixth studio album from the band, and the first that didn't achieve platinum status. To help produce the album, the band worked with Tchad Blake, known for his use of binaural recording. The binaural recording techniques, which employs two microphones to create a 3-D stereophonic sound, were utilized on several tracks. The 16th anniversary of the album's release is coming up on May 16th.

01. Go
02. Do The Evolution
03. Mind Your Manners
04. Breakerfall (start of Binaural in sequence)
05. God’s Dice
06. Evacuation
07. Light Years
08. Nothing As It Seems
09. Thin Air
10. Insignificance
11. Of The Girl
12. Grievance
13. Rival
14. Sleight Of Hand
15. Soon Forget
16. Parting Ways (last song from Binaural)
17. Corduroy
18. Once
19. Rearviewmirror
Encore Break One
20. Imagine
21. Let Me Sleep
22. Comfortably Numb
23. Even Flow
24. Down
25. Better Man/Save It For Later
26. Porch
Encore Break Two
27. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
28. Given To Fly
29. State Of Love And Trust
30. Black
31. The Real Me
32. Alive
33. Rockin’ In The Free World

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