Trolling the Google Play Store this weekend? Blast into "The Fartner."

If this had come out in high school, my friend Scott Faulkner would've had a revisionist nickname.

Not to steal a phrase from Maria Brink, but in this moment, I'd like to suggest a couple of other bodily function apps...

  • "The 'Just a Simple Case of Chronic Halitosis' Bad Breathanator"
  • "The Ankle Crackener"
  • "The Blow Your Nose Power Snorter"
  • "The Knuckle Cracking Arthritis Inducer"
  • "The Fake Fart With a Hand in the Armpittner"
  • "The Smelly Barfer"
  • "The Hangover Hiccupper"

I'll do some more research this weekend. If you have any suggestions, please let me know on my Twitter page. Let's make some sweet music together here City of 5 Smells.