We're planning some weight-loss programming here at the KRNA Programming Dept. and Townsquare Media/Cedar Rapids. Choke "Dick fil-A" The Chicken is really getting into it. He just hammered out 30 sit-ups in 30 seconds.

I hate sit ups.

Anytime you start reading about fitness, or talking to the experts - - that horrible word always comes up. Core. Work your core. Be the Sharkinator! Do some friggin' sit-ups.


  • I'll walk my beagle every night while listening to Full Metal Jackie
  • I'll bike to work once a week
  • I'll park furthest away from Target doors on Blairs Ferry
  • I'll even bang out some push-ups and jog in place in the Skybox

[OK, those last 3 are lies]

THIS is a fact: Sit-ups aren't happening. I'm a punter. I stretch and slowly jog to the outfield like baseball players do in pre-game.

Anyway, here's my goal: 219 lbs. by Volbeat concert on 9/20. Hangman's Calorie Count.