Will the Chicago Blackhawks capture their third Stanley Cup in six years?  Or, will the Tampa Bay Lightning get their second in team history?  The championship that many call the most difficult in all of team sports to win comes down to two teams.

The 2014-15 NHL regular season started back in October, but the Stanley Cup Playoffs are where it’s at.  To win the Stanley Cup, you must win four best-of-7 series and endure a 2-month playoff journey.  The Blackhawks and Lightning are the last two standing.  Each team has 12 wins in this year’s playoffs, with 4 more to go to hoist the Stanley Cup.

With so much parity due to salary cap restrictions, it’s pretty amazing what the Blackhawks are trying to accomplish.  Some would argue that a third championship in six years would qualify Chicago as a dynasty.  Nine different teams have won the last eleven Stanley Cups, with the Los Angeles Kings the only other team to win two since 2003.  A third championship with this group of core players (Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, Keith, etc.) would be an amazing accomplishment.

The Lightning are looking for their second championship in franchise history, which only goes back to 1992.  They’ve defeated three “Original Six” teams (Red Wings, Canadiens and Rangers) on their way to the Finals, and will try to make the Blackhawks their fourth.  They were the highest scoring team during the regular season.

  • Game 1 - Blackhawks at Lightning, June 3
  • Game 2 - Blackhawks at Lightning, June 6
  • Game 3 - Lightning at Blackhawks, June 8
  • Game 4 - Lightning at Blackhawks, June 10
  • Game 5 - Blackhawks at Lightning (if necessary), June 13
  • Game 6 - Lightning at Blackhawks (if necessary), June 15
  • Game 7 - Blackhawks at Lightning (if necessary), June 17
The Chicago Blackhawks pose in front of the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Steven Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning (Getty Images)