The Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning face off in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight with the series tied 1 - 1.  The series moves to Chicago's United Center for Games 3 and 4.  With the first two games both decided by one goal, this has the makings of a long series.

You would think home ice advantage would make the Blackhawks the favorites for the next two games, but the Lightning have been absolute road warriors during their playoff run.  They have a road record of 7 - 3 over their first three playoff series.  Their first 3 playoff opponents - Detroit, Montreal, and New York (Rangers) - are all "Original 6" teams.  They are trying to make Chicago the fourth.

The bottom line... this is now a best of 5 series with three of the remaining games scheduled in Chicago.

Remaining schedule:

  • GAME 3... Monday, June 8 (in Chicago) - 7pm, NBCSN
  • GAME 4... Wednesday, June 10 (in Chicago) - 7pm, NBCSN
  • GAME 5... Saturday, June 13 (in Tampa Bay) - 7pm, NBC
  • GAME 6... Monday, June 15 (in Chicago) - 7pm (if necessary), NBC
  • GAME 7... Wednesday, June 17 (in Tampa Bay) - 7pm (if necessary). NBC