A lot has happened in 7 years. If you're one of the music fans enjoying the NewBo Music Festival with us on Saturday, you should take a moment to look around. 7 years ago, June 2008 to be more specific, the area that is now NewBo City Market was devastated by the flood. Now... a first of its kind, all-ages, all day, outdoor show on that ground is another remarkable example of how far Cedar Rapids has come.

We've already witnessed several post-flood milestones in downtown Cedar Rapids... The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, the new downtown library and federal courthouse, the McGrath Amphitheatre, the renovated U.S. Cellular Center and its refurbished hotel and new convention center, to name a few.  And the improvements continue, as evident by the construction equipment and crews seen regularly around downtown.

So join us Saturday. Look around and take a moment to appreciate what you're witnessing. 7 years ago if you were standing on the ground that is now home to NewBo City Market, you'd be up to your neck in flood waters. This Saturday, you'll be taking in some great live music in a strong city that's on the rise.

Sameer Gadhia of Young the Giant (Getty Images)

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