New radio host Jon Biegen who can be heard 7 p.m. - midnight every day on 94.1 KRNA, claims he has no plans of how he will be announcing his debut. "It's just a lot of pressure..." Jon stated when questioned on when he would write an official announcement. "...It will just have to feel like the right time, you know in like my heart and sinews and arteries and stuff."

Jon has no thoughts on how to convey to his audience that he grew up in New York on Long Island in an Italian family. Nor does he have words to describe that he decided to move to Iowa when he heard of the superior quality of sweet corn, or that his girlfriend living there may have also been a factor. "Iowans love pork, I just don't know if I have it in me to break their hearts like I did my little Italian grandma when I told her I was Vegan," Jon said while staring off into the distance presumably visualizing his grandmother's sad eyes as she packed the leftover homemade meatballs in a ziploc for more meat appreciative grandchildren.