It's the most dangerous activity in the world. The Isle of Man TT Road Warriors are incredible. They test the heart rates and stress levels of these riders going 195 m.p.h. They aren't that frazzled believe it or not. Just focused.

I get a little freaked out just looking down at the pavement when riding at 65 m.p.h. Imagine what the pavement looks like 125 m.p.h. faster. Unfreaking believable. I like sport bikes on my KRNA Turbo Tour with McGrath Powersports. Isle of Man bikes aren't "sport." They are "torpedo."

The last couple of weeks, I've been driving Hondas. Last week it was a 2014 CBX500. Great starter bike if you are thinking about getting into motorcycling. Very nimble in the turns and would make for a great commuter bike. Throw on the backpack and zip over to work in style. I owned a bike like this when I moved to Iowa City. It was a Kawasaki ES500 and perfect for cruising Melrose.

GS/Honda CBX500

This week, it's a sport-touring getup made in 2010 called the Honda VFR 1200. This one has Yoshi pipes and screams.

GS/Honda VFR

This sign is hanging up at Powersports. We bring Bike Night #2 to the motorcycle maniacs of Eastern Iowa in 9 Days. Our theme: 'Murica! "It ain't The Isle of Man, but it's pretty great."