Fast food, sweat pants, lengthy afternoon naps, and overall worthlessness. This is a good summation of my Memorial Day weekend. It’s good to be lazy once in a while, but I may have taken it too far. When you can’t muster enough motivation to brush your teeth until the early evening hours, you truly are a bum.

Showering? Too much effort. Preparing a quality meal at home? Nah, let’s just go through the drive thru. Sunday it was Popeye’s. Monday it was Chick-fil-A. My wardrobe for the weekend was a sight to behold. 20 year-old Colorado Buffaloes sweatshirt. Chicago Blackhawks sweatpants. You can’t lay on the couch for lengthy naps in skinny jeans! Unshaven. Unclean. Unmotivated.

Rockin' the Blackhawks sweatpants
Bold fashion move... 20 year-old Colorado Buffaloes sweatshirt