I love my kid... don't get me wrong. I just wish he had a little less interest in what I do. It's definitely neat to see him acquire new interests as he grows up in front of my eyes. Unfortunately, frequent trips to the radio station seem to be at the top of the list these days. He doesn't realize that I already spend a lot of time here. He doesn't seem to care that it's close to a half-hour drive to the station from our house. He just wants to push buttons, look at the blinking lights and see where the music comes from.

For Mother's Day, I did about the nicest thing you can do for a mom... I grabbed the kid and I just got out of her hair for a while. We headed down to the station so Mom could have some "me time". Today (3/9), he found his way down here again! I even let him get some air time. I have to show this kid one of my pay stubs... maybe that'll squash his interest?

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