A plumber I am not, but sometimes it's just cool to try to fix something. The Home Depots and Menards of the world often market their stores under the "get busy and fix some stuff" umbrella. Problem is, when you don't have any skills a rescue team is sometimes needed. In fact, a rescue team industry would be perfect for the D.I.Y. world that we think we live in. "You mess it up, we come and clean up that mess." Ask a contractor. They've some to the rescue of botched home improvements plenty of times.

A bad arm that raises and lowers with the push of the toilet handle was causing the water to run endlessly. So, I got busy fixing it. Started with some super glue. (if it's not duct tape, that's always the best options, right?).  Got the arm fixed, but then the rubber cover wasn't landing correctly on the insert. Finally got it fixed and it didn't involve a call to my plumber. I feel so proud. Now maybe I'll remodel the entire house and overhaul my car engine.