As we approach another Independence Day, here's a look at 5 of my favorite 4th's.

2013: Central City

We thought we'd try a small town display and avoid the crowds. Central City had a nice little display. Too bad a guy right next to us wanted to show us his too.  Or, maybe it was his dog.

1999: Summerfest

Me and a slew of cousins from Waukesha hit the big display. One of the biggest in the world. It was great. Four years earlier was "Bedder with Vedder" on the Summerfest grounds.

2014: McGrath Amphitheater.

Jaymz Larson said hello to Britney's little sister and doesn't ask about Britney. Thought it showed good restraint.

1993: Dubuque

The Key City always throws a good 4th party...on the 3rd. When I worked in radio there, we used to "synch up the explosions in the sky with the music on the radio." Not sure
that's every actually happened in the history of radio and fireworks, but it was a good effort.

2002-2009: Lower City Park

The annual KRNA live broadcast had a good run with the guys from J&M Displays. I used to always ride my bike to the station and pick up our sales dude Jimmy and head to the show. Bicycles and fireworks don't always mix.

More great memories will be forged this Saturday. Yes, in Cedar Rapids we actually fire off our fireworks [the biggest in the state] on the 4th. Join me and our Townsquare Media team downtown for the Thomas Dostal Developers Freedom Festival Concert. Your own beer tent, 5 Country bands and the best place in town to watch the fireworks.