Your kids want to be Superman, Dora, Boba Fett or some "Frozen" character, right? Sometimes parents want to live vicariously through their children and brag to their adult friends that their kids are hip to the groove. YOUR GROOVE.

Sure, dressing them up as a rock star won't win any points with your kids and their pals, but you'll think it's pretty rad. Here's a list of performance artists you can get the face paint out for.

As Stipe says, Crush With Eyeliner. Green Day singer/axeman Billie Joe Armstrong knows a thing or two about that look.

Just go crazy on the face paint and say it's "The Dave Look." Add in some crutches and a cast and you have "The Present-Day Dave Look."

You'll be called an old fart if you go with this makeup scheme. But it'll win points with The Grandparents.

Put on a Billy Corgan wig!

Mary, Mary....why's your face so damn scary?

If your kid is doodling violently on his school notebooks, stay away from this look.

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