Don't try this at home kids. Christopher Hilton made a bad decision this past Sunday (Sept. 6). What did he do on his Labor Day weekend? Grill some hot dogs? Play some golf with some buddies? Nope. This d-bag got slapped with a felony charge of criminal trespassing in a place of public amusement.

The place of public amusement happened to be Chicago's Wrigley Field during the Cubs game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. You can tell the eyes are a little bloodshot in the mug shot. I wonder when regret kicked in? Was it when the security guy tackled him on the Wrigley infield? Or was it when he realized he faced felony charges? Hope your minute of fun was worth it, Christopher.

CHICAGO, IL - Christopher Hilton gets tackled by security at Wrigley Field on September 6th. Next up, felony charges! (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)

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