The Rock 'N Roll Skybox has lots of pictures. A veritable trip down 94 Memory Ln. Here's a shot of 2 on the "Plaza 425 Beam."

Megadeth Guitarist Marty Friedman and a KRNA Calendar Girl from 2002. Don't remember her name, and don't have a copy of that calendar, but I remember putting that black & white issue together with our sponsors. Her shot screamed "Rock Chick."

Marty owns some of the finest riffage of the past 2 decades. Monster riffage. I'll play one of his best at 3:30 today. Interesting that she is holding an axe and his is just a head shot. Probably should be the other way around. I'll take you on some more phototours in the days to come. Until next time in the blogosphere, stay classy San Cedars.