Bike trails have come a long way in Cedar Rapids/Marion over the last couple of decades, but more are needed. The The City of Marion is updating its Master Trails Plan and they want some public input on where expansion and improvement should be implemented.

There's a public open house planned for Tuesday, February 25 from 4-6pm at Lowe Park Arts and Entertainment Center on North 10th St.

City officials are looking for input on the future development of trails, which includes stand-alone multi-use trails, road side trails, and on-street bicycle accommodations.

I've always thought it would be cool to hook a couple of area trails together to make a nice big path. The trail that stretches east of the Marion Wal-Mart over to Springville could be connected to the trail that starts at Thomas Park along Indian Creek. This addition would stretch across the city into Marion Square and utilize the railroad bridge above Master Auto. If Cedar Rapids connected the trail from Rockwell along the rail line to Center Point Road, we'd have one long trail on the east side of the metro area.

What do you think should be done? If you are unable to attend the Lowe meeting and would like to add your thoughts, e-mail Kesha at or 743-6320.

Riding season is right around the corner...highs in the mid-40's next week!