Coming out of the Polar Vortex (i.e. cold-ass mofo) and getting into some mid-30's this weekend makes me wish for just a couple dozen more degrees in the red. It never fails. Every January, when the holidays are a memory and Punxsutawney Phil's prognostication is still a few weeks out, I start to think about riding.

The second motorcycle I bought was a Kawasaki EX500. Nice little crotch rocket that had one hell of a sprinting 2nd gear. I used to ride that thing when salt was still on the roads. My threshold for pain was about 40F. Couldn't hit the highway, but a little cityscape action was O.K.

"Look at that idiot on the bike!"

This is a picture of another epic burnout at Bike Night at Powersports last summer. Makes you want to rev to the red line.  When it's above 60 degrees.

Our 4th season of Bike Nights is just 4 months away....



Photo courtesy JDunn