After a nice, long weekend of golf viewing and Bill Hahn's post last week featuring George Carlin, it put me in the mood for more. I literally watched an hour of GC's best last night. His stand-up and interviews are intoxicating. We lost him just days after the river crested in the summer of '08. Added an even sadder element to a sad month. One of Carlin's best bits is "Stuff." We are less than a month away from the World's Largest Garage Sale at Hawkeye Downs on May 9. Buy some booth space and "de-stuff!"

Maybe you've been talking about getting rid of some of your stuff. No better time than the present. Just hit this link to snag a booth. We'll bring hundreds of Eastern Iowans to your booth and you'll make some money in the process. Don't put up a neighborhood garage sale that no one will see. Put your merch front and center at the World's Largest Garage Sale!