Radio DJ’s can be a whiny, wimpy bunch.  We work indoors in temperature-controlled environments, we sit, and we open our mouths and say things.  For the last week or so, we’ve had a chance to observe, up close, yet another profession that requires a lot more toughness and braveness.  For the past several days, we’ve had high rise window cleaners scaling the walls of Plaza 425, the building that houses the KRNA studios. 

On Wednesday, I was in the middle of a break when a repelling rope clanged off our 4th Floor window.  My instinct was to shriek like a schoolgirl seeing a mouse, but I held it together because I’m… um… a professional.  Kudos to these dudes.  It hasn’t been the greatest week of weather… windy, drizzly, and chilly as they dangle high above ground.  Their hard work will allow us DJ’s to continue sitting on our ass looking out over Downtown Cedar Rapids. 


This dude was just hanging out during my show on Wednesday


My best guess is that here he is reporting back to the guys on the ground that he sees one handsome son-of-a-bitch in the KRNA studio