There's no denying his greatness. I would rank him just behind Michael Jordan as far as best basketball players I've ever watched. Yes, better than Bird, Magic and LeBron. Kobe Bryant was an amazing basketball player... but I've always felt he was an amazing douchebag too. I'll get to that in a moment, but enjoy highlights from his final night as an NBA player here...

Yes, on Wednesday night (4/13), Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in his final game to lead a pathetic Lakers team to a come-from-behind victory. It was an impressive dog and pony show at Staples Center, all centered around Kobe... just the way the "Black Mamba" likes it. There were pre-game videos, hoopla and speeches that honored Kobe's career. Never mind the fact that the Lakers finished their season 17-65. This night, no, the entire season was for Kobe.

Michael Jordan retired the right way twice... leaving as a champion and announcing he was walking away after the season was over. MJ did screw up his nearly flawless career by returning to the Washington Wizards for a couple seasons, but I don't remember his farewell being anywhere near as gaudy as Kobe's. Do a Google search of "Kobe copies Jordan" and you'll see a ton or results.

Not being totally original isn't Kobe's biggest douche move. There are worse things than to steal some moves and characteristics of an all-time great. Back in the day, Kobe helped push Shaq out of town when he didn't want to share the spotlight any longer. And, oh yeah, there was a little incident that happened in Colorado a few years back. Kobe would probably accuse me of being just another hater.

After the final buzzer sounded on Wednesday, the dog and pony show continued. Kobe took to the microphone and, after sharing some thoughts about the night and his career, he finished with these words: "Mamba out." What a douche.

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