A few bills have been declared D.O.A. at the Statehouse in Des Moines. Imagine that. Politicians bickering. Here are some of the bills killed.

Banning traffic cameras

It's a big cash cow in Cedar Rapids and it's not going away. I've put a few bucks into the kitty on this one. It has made me slow down, especially at H Ave on 380. You are being watched everywhere you go these days. Doesn't mean you should get a ticket in the mail without police involvement.

75 MPH speed limit

Crashing at 70 or 75? Your day sucks no matter what. Raise 'em up. See who salutes.

State Butterfly designation

The Regal Fritillary was going to become the official state butterfly. Apparently, we are one of four states witthout such a designation. Didn't a butterfly stall the Highway 100 expansion project? The Band H.I.M. hates these flying bugs and wants to rip their wings off. I'm all for Frittering ones freak flag.

Minimum age for tobacco purchase

You must be 18 to buy a pack of smokes or a dip of chew. A lawmaker said if we raised it to 19, there'd be less high school seniors buying it for younger students. Same could be said for 21 year olds' distribution projects with under aged friends. If you can vote and fight in a war, you should be able to fire up a grit...and drink a beer.

 Fish Noodling

TV shows have brought this act into the forefront: Catching fish by hand. It was shot down by a Senate subcommittee. The DNR says the practice could negatively impact the fish population. I like the DNR. Hands-free is fine by me. Speaking of fishing, I still miss that little bait shop in Marion. Can we legislate that back to the area?

Protection of mountian lions

I've never seen one in this state and I walk a lot of timber. Dubuque is the only place with "mountians" and these big cats don't want to tangle with all the hard drinkin' river villagers on their way home. Don't shoot, Bubba.

County road/bridge upgrades

Maybe another 10-cent gas tax? Maybe not.