Hi it's Eric Stone

I've been a fixture, happily, for 16 years here at 104.5 KDAT . We share the 4th floor of the Plaza 425 building in downtown Cedar Rapids with our Townsquare Media sister stations 98.1 KHAK, i1071 and 94.1 KRNA.

With all these stations in one place, it's not uncommon for any of us to pull double duty. Last weekend, I branched out and spent a little time with another member of the family. I went on the air Sunday morning on KRNA from 7-11 am, right before my long but fun Sunday shift at KDAT. It was pretty exciting.

I love many genres of music, a key for attempting to succeed in a radio career. With four stations in our group there's a lot to choose from, including the recently resurrected classic rock format at KRNA, of which I am also a big fan. It was fun trying out a different style on the air, stretching my radio chops and playing some good old fashioned classic rock for a few hours. That format even includes the "edgier" side of some of the artists you can hear on KDAT, like REO Speedwagon, Heart, Journey and more, so give it a try.

If my boss on both stations, Mike Ferris, likes how it went, you'll hopefully be hearing me in both places more often.