If you've been dreaming of a white Christmas, cut it out.

It's working.

The winter storm watch in effect 3:00 p.m. Saturday from until Sunday at 6:00 p.m. is expected to drop anywhere from 6-8 inches of snow on Eastern Iowa.

My friend Scott Rippe is President of Rippe Keane Marketing in Madison Wisconsin. Scott was born in Waterloo, so he is no stranger to Midwest winter weather. He is also a bit of a weather nut, but  he probably prefers the term "weather enthusiast".

Since I am a frequent traveler  of 151 between Madison and Cedar Rapids, I've come to rely on Scott's weather forecasts and conclusions. This guy knows his stuff.

So while some other weather experts begin to discuss the possibility that the storms snowfall totals may not be as heavy as first expected, I'm trusting Scott for the five reasons that he lists this morning on his weather blog, Rippeology.

Scott is sticking to his original production that southern Wisconsin will be hit with 8–11 inches of snow this weekend. And for us in Eastern Iowa, I would predict that 6-8 inches would be a minimum amount of the white stuff. It could be a little more.

I'm hoping you may begin following Scott's blog so that he might extend his forecasting to include Eastern Iowa in his future updates.

For those of us who travel the 151 Corridor from Cedar Rapids through Dubuque, Platteville and Madison, it would be another great resource to check before traveling.

For now, it looks like I’ll be sticking around Cedar Rapids this weekend instead of risking getting stranded in Madison on Sunday night. Thanks Scott.

[source: Rippeology]