Many people are sick and tired of the 2016 presidential election choices. To say either candidate is perfect would be a lie even they would disagree with (maybe not Trump, because believe me we would know if Trump made a mistake. It would be the hugest mistake ever, really unbelievable, nobody would make mistakes as good as him.). Many in protest and defense of their right to choose beyond this country's two major parties are aiming for other choices; Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein, but would this jeopardize our other candidates run? Should it be thought of that way? Jill has filed to run for the green party and be added to the ballot in November.

So what does that mean for Iowans?Why do we have to go all or nothing on one candidate?  Wouldn't it be nice to list choices? In various places throughout our democratically elected world 2nd choice voting exists. Voters list who they prefer in order, this method may not be perfect but could substantially improve our own system. Another thing to think about? America has a TON of political parties but in modern day America only two are given proper media attention. So how many people will vote for Jill Stein in Iowa? There are certainly controversies with all candidates still in the running (Jill Stein has not refuted that there are no links between vaccinations and autism). But something important to keep in mind is that you have the right to DISAGREE and even hold a candidate accountable while voting for them. I've found this is how many voters feel about Hillary Clinton. Voting isn't about finding the perfect person, it's about who will do the best job and fighting to help them represent your voice.

Is voting third party a viable option? A thrown out vote? Is it only argument that no one else will vote this way, and is that argument the only reason people won't vote? Do your research, decide on your own. We live in a beautiful country that runs on democracy. One thing I understand about Jill is her strong support of the Sanders revolution. We will encounter Gerrymandering and opinionated leadership like with emails regarding Bernie Sanders and it can be disheartening on all sides of the political spectrum, but this doesn't mean we give up. The fight continues, and it's up to us to continue it. Now is the time to study up and decide.