I've been the host of the KRNA morning show for exactly one week. The show is going well, that's the good news. The bad news, I'm already in trouble!  It's no surprise to my family and friends - this is how I roll. I just thought it would happen much later down the road, not the first week.

I was always told you should start your day with a good breakfast. I try my best to follow this rule. With that said, I decided to bring in my Honey Nut Cheerios and a half gallon of milk to the KRNA studios. I have no time in the morning to eat before I leave, so I try to eat my breakfast during commercial breaks.

It was only my second day on the job. I went to the KRNA kitchen and prepared my morning cereal. This is where the nightmare starts. Apparently, I didn't secure the cap of my milk tight enough. The container was placed sideways on the top shelf. Let the madness begin. Did I tell you this was my second day of my new job?

Milk leaked out of the container and all over the floor. It was bad. A company wide e-mail was released and I was in the dog house. Just like that, my new job was in jeopardy because of my carelessness. I had spilled the milk, dropped the ball, fumbled the catch, it was a mess. I'm a mess.

Moving forward, I now wake up early and eat breakfast before I leave for work. I can't afford any more disasters at the office...at least not for a couple of more weeks. If I do eat here now, it's Pop Tarts only.

Share your stories below about your workplace blunders.  We will discuss on the KRNA morning show with me, Jaymz Larson!