I traveled to Wisconsin last week on a media assignment. Per usual, I was running behind schedule. This forced me to speed the entire way....UNTIL I was pulled over.

It was Election Day, I told the cop I had stopped in Cedar Rapids to cast my vote before I left town. This was the reason I was speeding, I apologized, and told him I'd slow down. I didn't feel like I was too convincing, so I decided to a pull a trick out of my bag. I told him who I had voted for. Perhaps we were both on the same side? Maybe he will sympathize with me if we had both voted for the same person? I had a 50/50 shot.

He understood I was in a hurry, and told me he'd be quick. The officer said, "I'm just going to check your license, see if everything's up to date." I thought I was in the clear! He'll take a quick peak at my driving record and I'll be back on the road. My plan was working perfectly, I dodged a bullet!

Not so fast, my friends. He came back to the car a few minutes later with my license in one hand, a ticket in the other. It was a big one, too. My all-in amount will cost $225.00. It must have been the politics - my big mouth got me in trouble, AGAIN.

I did learn something from this traffic stop. It taught me that I really need to slow down. It's for my safety and for the safety of the people around me. From now on, I'm driving the speed limit.

I almost forgot, there was one more thing I learned: NEVER tell a cop that obviously voted for Hillary Clinton that you voted for Donald Trump. Oops.