I woke up this morning, like every morning, rolled over and picked up my cell phone. I realized pretty quickly there was a problem. My screen wasn't working. The phone was on, just no screen. A perfect start to my day, what else can go wrong this week?!!

I freaked out for a few minutes, as it's the busiest time of the year and I have a broken phone. I have guests coming in on The KRNA Morning Show today, and they have no way to call or text when they arrive. This day will suck, guaranteed.

I frantically tried to turn the phone off and on and do anything I could to get the stupid device to work. What if I had text messages? For God's sake, my Facebook could have 20 notifications!!!  What am I going to do? This was serious, I was freaking out.

I got to work and gave up the fight. I put the phone in my office and forgot about it. I'll get it fixed, no big deal. A few hours later something special happened....

I realized I COULD live without my phone. It was actually relaxing not to be around the device that's attached to me 24 hours a day. I read the paper, enjoyed my coffee and had a beautiful morning. There was no beeping or buzzing, no stupid text from my Uncle Larry. I loved it.

I may never get my phone fixed, I like this new life. I may just get a land-line at home and stop running in the rat race. My cell phone has stressed me out, not anymore. I might even start writing letters again - wouldn't that be fun!

Of course, I know I can't really do all this. We all NEED our cell phones. At times they seem as important as food or water. It's pathetic, and I'm as guilty as anyone.

Today was a nice break, you should try it sometime. My stress level is much lower at the current moment. That's all about to change - next stop: Verizon. Wish me luck.