Why is it that when you hear about people busting out of jail, the end result is usually a quick return to the pokey? The AP is reporting this afternoon that one of the two ecaped prisoners in south-central Iowa are back behind bars.

Frank Manders, 26, and Darian Crayton, 29, escaped from the Warren County jail early Monday after busting out of a cell block in Indianola. Manders was taken back into custody after a "suspicious person" report came in regarding Manders walking a gravel road. He was in jail on vehicular homicide charges.

Crayton is still on the loose. He had been in jail on charges of driving while barred and failing to appear in court. If he appears in front of law enforcement this week, it appears his rap sheet will grow substantially.

Maybe these guys just had an opportunity pop up and had to act fast to flee the joint. Or, maybe they thought about it day and night and made their move. Seems like when these "moves" are planned, the prisoners never make a long-term plan. If you are clever enough to break out of prison, is it safe to assume you are also smart enough to get your plan set on the "outside?"

I remember an Iowa State Penitentiary escape ten years ago. After scaling the wall and stealing a car, the prisoner drove south. After a long drive, it was time to pull over on the side of the road for a nap. Illinois State Police ran the plates and arrested the convicts....just a mile from an Illinois state prison.

Why don't these guys ever just go to a friend's house and lay low for a year? Hunker down in the basement, stay out of sight and just chill until their case is labeled "cold." After my radio career, maybe a convict consulting gig...