Did you do a double take when you read that headline?

It's true: Iowa is going to wear alternate uniforms for their Nov. 14th night game against Minnesota. And it sounds/looks like they're going to be real-deal alternate uniforms. Not those heinous atrocities they've trotted out in the past couple years.

I, for one, always loved these gems:

Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images Sport

They released a teaser video for the uniforms, but not much is known about the overall look and design. We do know they're going to be all black from head-to-toe. That alone sounds pretty cool. I've heard a few rumors and have seen a few sites suggest that the helmets will feature an enlarged tiger hawk logo. I can only hope that's true.

So what do you think? Are you excited for Iowa's alternate uniforms? Will they be ultra modern and cool? Do you think it's all just one big distraction from the dumpster fire that could be this year's team? Share your thoughts.