There are stupid criminals, and then there are REALLY stupid criminals. According to KWWL Television, "A man is accused of breaking into an Iowa City apartment, with the intention of stealing the Wi-Fi password."

The man has been identified as 27-year-old Christopher Cummings. He apparently asked his neighbor for her Wi-Fi password, but she said "no". Later that day, he took matters into his own hands. He climbed through a window to break into her apartment. He was looking for that darn password, nothing was going to stop him.

KWWL reports Cummings was caught breaking in and now faces third-degree burglary charges. All because he was trying to steal an internet connection.... A lousy connection to the World Wide Mega Web.

Why not just go to the Iowa City Public Library to surf the internet? This guy thought it would be a better idea to break into someone's house, instead. And where did he think he would find the password?

Good luck to Christopher Cummings who now will have his day in court. I hope he will remember NOTHING in life is FREE.