You smoke e-cigs? Blow that misty cloud in my face. I don't care. If you prefer good 'ol fashioned tobacco cigarettes, those don't bother me either. The filth that belches out of south side factories is probably a bigger concern. I'm not worried about second hand smoke. We've relegated smokers to the far reaches of our little downtown Plaza 425 campus. Just getting a whiff is nearly impossible. If Walt Garrison were still here, he'd tell you to go smokeless. Sucks not to have a jaw, though. The much-maligned tobaccoists just can't win in this modern age.

The Associated Press is reporting this morning on the initial approval of a ban on electronic cigs in Iowa City spaces where it's already illegal to puff. Is the smokeless vapor of an e-cig harmful? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe in 20 years we've have a more conclusive case study to look at. Maybe in 2 years Iowa will follow Colorado's lead and make weed legal. Just make sure your smoke rings aren't wafting across the Ped Mall.

Isn't obesity a bigger problem now? Ban second-hand Monster Burger/Twinkie breath. That's more offensive.