For Iowa's deer hunters, I've got some good news. For the deer? Not so much.

According to the website, "the Hawkeye State has been a consistent producer of great deer in bow season. In fact, of the top 10 archery typicals of all time, two were shot in Iowa — and you can say the same on the non-typical side."

"This incredible output of big deer is no accident. All of the ingredients have been there for many years, and they still are. In addition to relatively mild winters, compared to the northern extent of whitetail range, Iowa has some of the best soil quality in North America."

Linn County, Jackson County and Dubuque are known as some of the  Best Spots For Bow Hunting in Iowa.

I have a deep admiration of hunters. It's a pastime that many of my friends enjoy and most say it is their connection to nature, providing an almost spiritual vibe that is unlike anything else in their lives. That's pretty significant. You won't find many bowlers or golfers describe their games as experiential as that.

And hunting isn't just for men. There are plenty of women who are just passionate about hunting as their male counterparts. This gallery of photos will prove these ladies know how to aim and shoot!