The Ramones want to be sedated. Or, did 37 years ago. I wanna be a construction worker. Do you run such a company? Do you need some PT help from a DJ? My technical skills include ability to lift a large stack of CDs and push buttons like a trained baboon.

Would you please hire me? As the Herilihy Boy says...for the love of God, let the boy water the flowering construction site.

There are  a couple of opportunities in the KRNAeighborhood...


The CRST headquarters will be about the same size as our Plaza 425 building. I want to build it. At least let the boy water the flowers when the landscaping goes in.

How about this little mini park project? Let the boy scoop some of that dirt.


I really liked playing in my sandbox back in Dubuque. Kids in the Tri-State area just played marbles in the sand back in the 70s and 80s. Weirdos.

This is what the mini park will look like when I'm done digging...


Yep, it's time to branch out from LP, RHCP and PJ and get me some C. Text me at 319-383-0094 if you'd like a C worker who can hum some badass songs while cracking open cement bags.