I'll be broadcasting live this Saturday from 4-6 at the Sag Wagon in Cedar Rapids for the second annual Tour de Shock Top bicycle ride.

Bicycling has gotten really big in Cedar Rapids. Cedar Rapidians love breaking out their two-wheelers and hitting the trails and streets. CR has done a really nice job of responding to the craze with nice trails and bike-friendly lanes in the streets downtown.

I've noticed plenty of bikers -- most of them are traversing the streets on their mountain bikes or high-speed racers. Me, I prefer a cool cruise. That's why I ride this:


I cruise in style on my Schwinn. No gears. No trail tires. No high-tech accessories. Just, you know, two wheels, a frame, and a sick paint job. My girlfriend got it for me a couple years back. She knows my style (I like to roll like the enemy team in The Sandlot).