When we first announced the KRNA/Go Daddy Insane Inflatable 5K, it went viral in a heartbeat. The excitement has never waned. Eastern Iowans are ready to attack these obstacles this weekend at Kirkwood.

It you have signed up to run, you can pick up your packets Friday afternoon between 4-7 at Active Evolution Studio, powered by Dr. Fitzgerald & Associates at 3255 Williams Blvd. in Cedar Rapids.

I may sprint over to Fitzy's for a warm-up.

Actually, I'm wondering if it might be smart to walk to each obstacle, then attack each one with the fervor of a boot camper overdosed on 5 Hour Energy drinks. Yeah, that's my strategy. When Bill Clinton went jogging as our POTUS, the Secret Service used to say he "started slow and reduced speed." Yeah, that's my other strategy.

I'll be running [strolling] in the 9:30 wave on Father's Day. While Saturday's waves have been full for days, some Sunday times still remain.

Big thanks to the Solid Waste Agency of Linn County, our recycling partner for this and all Townsquare Media events this summer, including the Thomas Dostal Developers Freedom Festival Concert and the NewBo Music Festival with The National.

Here's a sneak preview courtesy of Eric Zane and his Grand Rapids brethren.