While I'm not one of these cats that stand in line at Best Buy for the latest cell phone camera, I do like me some good tech. One area where I'm not quite up to speed is my Galaxy S3. I think I've had it for three years. That's a lifetime in the digital world. I still suits me just fine. Don't need much else out of a phone. But the camera is toast.

Since my Andre Agassi Canon EOS Rebel wasn't handy for last night's SuperMoon Eclipse, I grabbed the S3...


What, you don't like squinting?

Here are SuperMoon Eclipse shots from a competent local photographer, Julie James. She wasn't using an S3. Awesome transformation right there, star gazers.

That moon looked like something out of Star Wars. Pretty damn cool. My brother in Calgary reported cloud cover and it was clear in AZ where my sister lives. We got lucky, unless you were on the couch transfixed by Manning going 3-0 on SNF. In that case, it's a short 18 years until the next one.

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