George Carlin said it best: "You go to work. You eat three meals. You take one good poop, you go to sleep, then get up and do it again. It's not that complicated."

Complicated, no. Routine, boring? Perhaps. So let me help you inject a little "extra" into your ordinary day.

It's as simple as filling out an "ordinary" form.

Your reward? Lunch for you and your work team from Capriotti's Sandwich Shop.


I call it the Workplace Perks. Because it's a law that every radio giveaway have a snappy, memorable title. And "Workplace Perks" sounds better than "root canal". Imagine a DJ telling a winner, "hey, you've just won a root canal".

If you've read this far, you may as well fill out this form. It's Lunch for Ten from Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, and like everything about radio, it's free.

And if I call you, and you ask nicely, I will tell you that you've won a root canal, if you'd like. You won't get a root canal - you'll still get Lunch for Ten from Capriotti's, but we are willing to do whatever it takes to put a little "extra" into your ordinary day. And if that includes an extra smile, that would be best of all!