Along with a big plate of NBA action [it's FANTASTIC!], here's your guide to Christmas viewing. Point your rabbit ears toward Pleasant Creek State Park.

Christmas Eve

Classic Christmas Special Marathon (Cartoon Network)

Can you say Tom & Jerry?


"Law & Order: SVU" Marathon (USA)

Benson and Stabler. Grab the Egg Nog.


Winter-Themed Syfy Original Movies (Syfy)

"Ice Spider?" Snowmageddon?" 'Nuff said, Blizzardio IowanaRockers.


"Elf" Marathon (Starz)
Continue your 2013 holiday season Will Farrell binge.


“It’s A Wonderful Life” (NBC)

It is.




Christmas Day


Midnight "National Lampoon's Christmas Family Vacation" (ABC Family)



"Oy! to the World: A Mel Brooks Christmas Marathon" (Sundance Channel)

Get out your Tights, Men.


10 a.m. Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade (ABC)

Maybe church is a better call here.


"Duck Dynasty" Marathon (A&E)

"Phil's P.R. machine goes longform."


"Doctor Who: The Time Of The Doctor" (BBC America)

Whovians rejoice.


"The Mummy" (Spike TV)

Egypt is nice this time of year.