It probably all started when I was a kid (Wonder Years-style narration)...

My Dad owned a bar and I'd often tag along when he ran his errands for the business. I'd also help out by vacuuming or cleaning the bar-top. I remember the days when the beer truck driver would come by with his delivery. One bottle always caught my eye: that gorgeous Miller High Life.

The rare pony bottle.

They don't call it "The Champagne of Beers" for nothing. That bottle. That color. That carbonation. It's all great. By the time I reached the legal age to drink, my beer choice was clear. I've been living the "High Life" ever since.

The popularity of High Life has fluctuated over the years. It went from being one of the most popular beers in the country, to virtually unheard of, and now it's regarded as a trendy beer for slummin' hipsters (much in the same vein as PBR).

My loyalty has never wavered, though. Craft beers? Yeah, they have their place, and I enjoy one from time to time, but I'll stick to my Miller. It's never let me down.

So, if you see me out at a bar, odds are I'll be swilling the High Life. Big props to our buddies over at Fleck Sales for distributing such a quality beer.

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