Today, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo turns 45. He was born June 13, 1970 in Manhattan, which for you geography buffs is located between New York’s East and Hudson rivers… thus the name, Rivers. Get it? By all accounts, Rivers is a pretty interesting and weird dude. He was raised in an ashram in Connecticut. He formed Weezer in the early 1990’s, and nine albums later they’re still getting it done.

Weezer burst onto the scene with their self-titled multi-platinum debut (“The Blue Album”) in 1994. The band went on hiatus in the late 90’s, and Cuomo had his battles with depression.  Yes, the man has some oddities… he was born with one leg a couple inches shorter than the other and underwent surgery in adulthood to have it corrected.  He was also in a scary bus accident in 2009 causing cracked ribs and internal bleeding.  He’s married with two children, and now, at age 45, he and his Weezer weirdness are still going strong.


Weezer - Pork And Beans by rockenseine