Geddy Lee is 61. His Mom called him Geddy because it flowed better than Gary. I call him Rock God.

The bassist was born on this date in 1953. About 15 years later he and his bud Alex started a band. Along came Neil Peart several years later. The Canadian Power Trio was born.

My son has heard his fair share of Rush grooves. Enough to inspire a "crayoned" Geddy pic.

I've see the band four times. With various area and global Rushites.

Hold Your Fire Tour - Phoenix 1988 [recorded for the Show Of Hands live set].

Vapor Trails - Ames 2002 [On a KRNA Limo To Rock with Paul from Lisbon]

Snakes and Arrows - Moline 2008 [With Dwyer & Michaels]

Time Machine - Summerfest 2010 [With Buds TimDawg, Spider and Denny]

It's a wall of sound. I can't really describe a Rush concert any more aptly. See the DVD "Beyond The Lighted Stage." See how Jack Black describes the band. That's how I see it.

If we were in Canada and had that 40%-must-be-Canadian-artists rule, I'd more than comply on the SharkShow. Maybe 30% this afternoon....


Happy Birthday Geddy!