Everclear frontman, Art Alexakis turns 53 today.  He was born in Los Angeles, California and encountered several hardships early on in life.  He was abused, had a brother die of a heroin overdose, had a teenage girlfriend commit suicide, and even contemplated suicide himself.  He managed to make it through and formed Everclear in the early 90’s in Portland, Oregon. 

Everclear’s breakthrough came in 1995 with their second album, Sparkle and Fade.  The album included their smash single, “Santa Monica”.  Even bigger album sales came their way with their third album, 1997’s So Much for the Afterglow.  That album spawned the singles, “I Will Buy You a New Life”, “Father of Mine” and “Everything to Everyone”. 

Everclear’s commercial success began to wane by the early 2000’s.  Alexakis is the lone member that has been there from the start, and there’s talk of a new album in 2015. 

Everclear Discography

·         World of Noise (1993)

·         Sparkle and Fade (1995)

·         So Much for the Afterglow (1997)

·         Songs from an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How to Smile (2000)

·         Songs from an American Movie Vol. Two: Good Time for a Bad Attitude (2000)

·         Slow Motion Daydream (2003)

·         Welcome to the Drama Club (2006)

·         Invisible Stars (2012)

·         Black is the New Black (2015)