It's 3/11. The fave day of my boys out of Omaha. Been awhile since you added to your patch collection? Today on their website, you can order a commemorative 25th anniversary patch! Two and half decades? Who knew? Founder Nick Hexum did actually start the band in 1988. After an original member was caught dangling his member in Eastern Nebraska, the band settled on 311 for a name. That's Omaha police code for indecent exposure.

They busted out in the mid 1990s with some killer tracks and the killing never stopped. I love this band and to celebrate 311 Day, we'll spin some tracks from the band across the sonic landscape of 94.1 KRNA today.

A couple from the early days...

Do you like spinning boards? The kid in this video from 2009 does. Dig that groove.

In a library full of infectious grooves, 'Come Original' is one of the hookiest in the library.

Anytime the winter gets you down, put this on the turntable.

The Cure left a lasting impression on a generation.

Happiest of 311 Days to you my long lost friend.