ArkansasOnline reported a 69-year-old guy in Jonesboro, Arkansas, woke up the other day and found someone had mowed "F You" into his front lawn. Cue the banjo, Jethro!

The guy said he had no idea who would have done this or why. I'm laughing so hard as I write this blog. This is a fantastic story.

He obviously made someone very angry. I'm guessing it was his girlfriend, or his wife. Or maybe his wife found out about his girlfriend. Either way, the guy is in trouble.

Imagine what the neighbors are thinking. It's not everyday you see a giant "F-You" in the lawn next door. But it's Arkansas, so I guess it's probably not that big of a deal.

The cops are investigating and keeping a close eye on the man's property...I hope this never happens to me. But feel free to mow my entire lawn anytime you want!

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