Emily over at the City of Cedar Rapids sent us this update on green bike lanes. First one will be installed tomorrow. Cool stuff, C.R.
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – Tuesday, June 3, 2014 – Cedar Rapids will become Iowa’s first city to demo green bike lanes – colored pavement that enhances the visibility of a bicycle lane and helps enhance the safety of people commuting by bike.
A test segment of Iowa’s first green bike lane will be installed on Wednesday, June 4, prior to the larger demonstration project, which will take place later this year. The test segment and demonstration project will help to solicit feedback and evaluate materials before considering more wide-spread implementation downtown and city-wide. The demo will provide the community with an opportunity to learn about the benefits of green bike lanes and become more familiar with new cycling enhancements used in other bike friendly cities. Green bike lanes are installed 50 feet in front of intersections, to help highlight potential conflict areas and communicate the presence of people on bikes to drivers turning left and right across the bike lanes.
The paint for the demonstration project will be installed under the strength of local volunteers and cycling enthusiasts, allowing the community to take advantage of the demonstration lane at no cost to tax payers. Funding for the installation of additional green bike lanes is made possible through a $10,000 Community Transformation Grant the City secured for public health improvements with the generous support of the Linn County Public Health Department. 
Green Bike Lane Test Segment Installation:
Wednesday, June 4 at 9 a.m.
3rd Ave SE & 3rd St SE
Increasing bicycle accommodations is one of many initiatives that support the iGreenCR goal of investing in more sustainable practices city-wide. As a Blues Zones Demonstration Site, Cedar Rapids continues to focuses on permanent environmental and policy changes that will encourage residents to make healthy choices.
Cedar Rapids was named a Bicycle Friendly Community in 2012 by the League of American Bicyclists in recognition of actively supporting bicycling efforts. More than 20 miles of bike lanes or bike trails have been added since 2008, with the goal of adding 50 miles of trails, bike likes and other biking facilities throughout Cedar Rapids by the year 2020. 
About Green Bike Lanes
Green bike lanes help maximize the efficiency of city streets by moving people, not just cars. They improve the overall sustainability of the transportation network, reduce emissions, calm traffic, provide an organized road space for bicyclists, and improve traffic safety for all road users.
The Federal Highway Administration considers green pavement markings to be effective in increasing awareness of bike lane conflict areas. The Federal Highway Administration notes that green bike lanes encourage bicyclists to position themselves more accurately as they travel across intersections. People traveling by bike report feeling safer on green colored pavement because motorists are more aware of potential conflicts.
Enjoy the lanes, but leave this one to the pros...