8 teams remain in the quest for SuperBowl XLVIII. Final weekend of wall-to-wall football.

My Twitter picks in wild card round came in at 50%. Saints and Niners brought home the bookie. Both of those teams are getting bounced this week. Cam is too strong this year in Carolina and Seattle is going all the way. Brady and Manning will meet in the AFC Championship game and their teams will cruise this weekend. Belichick has only smiled 7 times this year post-game. Tomorrow night, he'll have #8.

The past 4 Super Bowl champs have started the season with a game against Philly. San Diego did this year. Don't think Cinderella's slipper will fit Sunday afternoon.

The point spreads:

Saturday at 3:30p: Seahawks by 7 over Saints

Saturday at 7:15p: Patriots by 7 over Colts

Sunday at Noon: Niners by 1 over Panthers

Sunday at 3:40p: Broncos by 9 over Chargers


Here's a look back at some of the greatest hits in playoff history. The Lynch run at 4 min. mark is the greatest run and Bradshaw to Harris to lead off the segment will never be matched.

The KRNA Bud Bowl is set to go for 2/2 at Cocktails and Co. We'd love to see you at our Big Game Party. Enjoy the games this weekend.